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Default Brew Stand Upgrade: Water Plumbing

First off, I don't recommend this build. It was way too expensive. However, putting costs aside it's a nice addition.

I hate connecting and disconnecting my water hose from the water filter, to the chiller, unhooking again to clean something, etc. I wanted to be able to plug in my water, natural gas, and electricity into the stand and be done with it. I used quick disconnects on the water host for a while but they aren't great and end up leaking. I also found that different QDCs from different stores didn't work together. I also found myself wanting something fun to do on the brew stand.

Add a WATER IN line to the stand, tee it off so one line goes through the water filter and into the HLT, and the other line to a faucet where I can connect a water hose for washing, etc. I ended up use PEX for everything under the stand and copper for the tubing that goes near a burner. Here are some pics and some design considerations.

This where I plug in the water. I bought a 50 ft drinking safe expandable hose and put a QDC on it. On brew day, I plug the hose in here and open the valve on the hose. Under the stand, the water line is split; one to the filter, the other to the pass through outlet.

Here is the pass through outlet. I have another expandable water hose with a sprayer on the end, and a QDC to hook it up to the stand. This water isn't filtered and is what I use for cleaning, filling buckets, and squirting Sean in the face.

The line that goes to the water filter ends up here (bottom line). I used QDCs here so I could remove the water filter for emptying. I also used PEX so I could easily rotate the line and let the water drain out. You can see the reinforced tubing I used for the filter. There's lot's of water pressure here and this was the only thing that wouldn't burst. The top line is where the filter OUT goes.

Here's the water filter. I have a valve on the inlet side so I can make sure I'm not running the water through the filter too fast. On brew day, I plug the filter into the lines before hooking up the water.
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