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Good List!
Keg 1: Coconut Hefe Keg 2: TBI Outlaw Red IPA Keg 3: American Wheat Keg 4: Rabbit Hole Fusion Brown Ale Keg 5: Pineapple Cider Keg 6: Lemondrop Blonde
Fermenter 1: Lalonde Mead / Fermenter 2: Wheat wine
Blaecorn Unidragon Clone (9.98%) 12oz, Traditional Dry Mead (~10%) 2.5g keg, Strawberry Pear Cider (5%) 22oz, BBQ Blonde (6.6%) 12oz, Summer Ale (6.7%) 12oz, Salvage Rights wheat wine (8.5%) 12oz,
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