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Default Bluebonnet Registration Open

Bluebonnet Mainpage

Hey all, the entry window for Bluebonnet is open. You'll have to make a new login due to new website data. See this post from facebook:

"We will be opening online registration for the Bluebonnet Brewoff tomorrow morning, January 8th and 8AM. Online registration will be open until 5pm, Thursday February 1st.

This year we have cleared out all previous login data, we are starting fresh! You will need to create a new login, setup a new password, etc..

Finally, PLEASE enter your club affiliation and spell it out entirely, no acronyms please! Game on!!!!!"

That last part is very important about spelling out club affiliation. After you create your account and ESPECIALLY before submitting your entries, DOUBLE CHECK to make sure Cap and Hare is credited on your account. We have had issues in the past with members not getting club credit due to website issues.

Let's get those entries in!

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